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Rob to attack arms journals meriva called an honest effort okay serious effort why why is this happening well you know journal shine in the business of being liked were in the business of telling you things that are uncomfortable powerful people don't like things uh when i revealed that have jack welches retirement package worked and did the economic self there wasn't even a longer prominently played story it was so devastating him that he immediately wrote a piece in the wall street journal saying i'm relinquishing all of this and some people he said you know don't respect contracts uh i just described as contract and then to respecting it but the shareholders should should know what he was getting because it was totally at odds with his public statements and it was hidden from them and so i don't do this to be locked up you know i mean there are people who will tell you i'm the you know the guy that i kept safe from life in prison we'll tell you what a great guy i am but there are plenty of people who will tell you that they you know hate me with a passion and that doesn't bother him no no you do what's right you do what you believe is right and what in my business you can prove his true if he can't prove it he kept printed do you envision a time when washington will ever be truly accountable to the people again yes if we get rid of the current campaign finance system i've interviewed over a hundred congressmen and senators they all hate the groveling in the begging for money uh they know it's inherently corrupting but they're all risk averse as economists would say they won't change it um you know we're we're gonna overtime human beings progress but as monty python said in all there was the dark ages uh we can slip back into very bad things and if the american citizens are vigilant if they start paying attention to their govern being is involved in politics as they are in the last scrimmage in the football game we'll have a better congress do you feel optimistic about the future it can't be the father of eight children and modern america not be a total optimist out in the longhaul i think that we will do very well i think we will become more prosperous but we will not be.

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