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The age of seventeen doctors claim she died in two thousand thirteen she now has to death certificates that the family is now working to resolve gye is being remembered by friends and for her name which means prominent and widely known in oakland carrie hodousek kcbs eighty five percent of california has slipped into what the federal drought office calls abnormally dry or droughtlike conditions kcbs tim brian looks into it some of the dryest conditions are coastal areas from monterey to the oregon border that's us folks but the worst of it that is severely to extremely dry is in the southlands the eighty five percent figure statewide compares to just twenty four percent one year ago there are a lot of different ways of measuring route but the drought monitor is a pretty standard metro that looks at rainfall it looks at soil moisture it looks at temperature and it looks at the conditions in local reservoirs as well that's climate scientists peter glick co founder of the pacific institute who fears not so much mandatory water conservation but wildfires what we're seeing now is both an intensification of those fires and the fact that they're happening earlier and earlier in the year and that's partly because of the grout it's very dry out there there's a lot of excess vegetation tim ryan kcbs federal funds are flowing to a flood control project in palo alto details from kcbs is mike colgan the army corps of engineers has received six hundred forty six thousand from the feds to widen san francisco creek santa clara valley water district board member gary kremlin represents the area i'm that share of the san frisco joint creeks power authority and every time it really raines i'm like shivering i mean i want to get out there with sandbags this is going to help us accelerate that project does not only are there a lot of homes near the creek but giant tech companies as well look at how close microsoft isn't someplace if this will help protect plastic of all the infrastructure thinking the palo alto wastewater treatment plant with that with that plant was inundated you know now one could use their bathrooms so this protects a lot of that critical infrastructure think of all those transmission lines of the palo alto airport there's a whole bunch of stuff that's real close it creek runs through palo alto menlo park and east palo alto why colgan kcbs you can celebrate the dance traditions of more than a dozen cultures over the course of two weekends this month kcbs has melissa kaurov's reports it's the fortieth anniversary of the san francisco ethnic dance festival the festival began in nineteen seventy eight as a response to the lack of seeing people of different every horses on main stage to senior stages festival co artistic director latonya d tickner says the event gives people the opportunity to see beyond their own front yards and co artistic director mayhelen eaten geometry says that even people familiar with dance traditions from other countries can discover something new the nature of this festival is such that you can go in there expecting that you looking forward to seeing that the haitian dad's company but you might get turned onto something you never knew existed the festival officially opened friday with a free performance at city hall and continues.

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