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She is super conservative so i mean so all three of the main the top three anyway republican candidates are good but i mean you know for this you know the seat though i mean you know i it's either them or who ran against them a kevin daily on or dianne feinstein kill me now kevin marxists about the different constitutional scores yeah all right so paul taylor got the highest score in that group sixty four tom paul's fifty eight yonkers fifty four very high scores daily on and finds thank both got scores of four in case of feinstein is because while she supports gun control she does she has occasionally voted in favor of gun ownership and she actually does have a concealed carry in her pearl she got one yes for that and then she got a three for national security and then and the daily on got a two on education and one on faith in a one on economy by the way once one stands for hardly constitutional but it's higher than not constitutional at all i sensor a lot of democrats are probably not even going to vote because the backlash sanctuary attorney criminals loose and of course the gas tax twelve cents plus registration cars went up right and we're going to get seventy three cents more gown on cap and trade you're in it yeah yeah so so the democrats have shot themselves for let's break when we come back a mole in the fbi we want to tell you about it don't go anywhere homes are selling in the past syria in record time in fact this is the best time of year to self interest rates are still low there are fewer homes for sale and that makes it a seller's market and if you've been thinking about it wisely the professionals.

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