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No he can james his shown that he can be if acilitator right into me if score if my guys are getting off it makes it makes my job a whole heck of a lot i think the antonis plan is for janus to get fifty five he needs fifty better get fifty five and fifteen three kevin durant was unstoppable last night's going thirty seven points in the warriors game one win katie is averaging about twenty nine points and seven rebounds this postseason over in the east lebron is coming off a bad game one in boston but he's been dominant in the playoffs averaging about thirty three nine and nine joined once again by jim jackson skipping me start with you play right now lebron or durand's so lighten the cross in the pro football fame one who played fourteen seasons the national basketball association and both of them are blind kevin durant showed you last year's finals head to head with ron james he's more valuable than lebron because he won the mvp of the nba finals and once again right on time in these playoffs he's showing you he's more valuable than lebron james because of lots of factors that this man wants to sweep under his little lebron rug of the wine and gold rug that he's on yeah can we start with defense because to me defense counsel like goat discussions but this man says no doesn't count even though michael jordan my twelve first team all defenses to lebron six twelve to six that's a lot so let's go to kevin durant right now in the postseason he's six in all the play all the players in the playoffs in defensive wind shares individual defensive wind shares lebron is seventieth seventy th in the playoffs so he doesn't play a lot of defense anymore regular season kevin durant was fifth in this league in blocked shots with the centers above.

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