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Got a short segment before the top of the hour. Talk with our good friend, captain LIZA FitzGerald from CCA Florida and the CCA Florida's star tournament wanna give a quick shout out. Here jump on our freshwater report. From our guru Ron out at Ron's taco box in lake Alfred Ronnie, thanks for hanging on their buddy. I appreciate pal. You guys are talking about important things there. It's it's a great opportunity. Liza was available this morning. And and you know, how much CCA means to me and how much the estuary and our fishing in this great state means to me. So I thought good time to get everybody. Started them thinking about joining getting involved in CCA joining the CCA star tournament and all that good stuff. So at everyone at fishes through and good hours. It would be unbelievable. I just I can't figure out for the life of me why as a as a group the recreational anglers constantly stand on the dock and complained they constantly stand at the tackle stores and complain about the fisheries management and rules, and what's going on. And how corrupt it is. And all this stuff, but they don't wanna spend thirty five bucks to become a member of CCA and get involved to to be. So their voices heard. We would you know, the again six million members right now, they're six million members of the NRA upset at one hundred times on the air. Air of Senate everywhere. Six million members of the NRA, and that's why they don't take your guns. It's real simple. It's real simple. If we had three million members of CCA just half of that. If if if the politicians knew that there was three million votes banking on their decision. They would start to pay attention to the fishermen just that simple has efficient out. There are no respect crazy right now. Right. Great speckled perch, wonderful eight one's about anywhere. You wanna go even so shell crack stations. Ben, Greta ratty, that's a little bit early. But they're getting some nice ones. That's good. Spawning on a small mass up on the badge. But the bigger ones are starting to move in now. I got the nine Pounder. We can have go is really to over eleven. A lot of eight nine pounds. Well, that nine hundred was the biggest one when doing that fish eight almost almost I was actually from walking upon and and spotted her and I almost fell in the drink when she ate. I was like oh, dear God. Here. We go. Big fish super exciting. The time of year to fish. That's for sure. Yeah. It's so comfortable out there and so beautiful weather rain tomorrow. But by Monday Tuesday, again, be real good again. Yup. The prime time for the for the Basque is in the speckled perch, guys. Then Marshall was headed out last night. So I didn't get a report on it. But I'm sure he was catching himself. That's good stuff. What's the best colors where we where we at? Leon. This year has been a lotta yellow everything yellow a little bit of white stuff is good on on the best mate. And the best. They'll.

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