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I'm quite historic feeders she says yanking her attorney. 'cause I'm of the I I'm the first counselor in Enfield's history to ever cross the floor and I'm also the first counselor to ever get. A Nuisance Abatement Order against the company so I can actually get it but yeah. I was I joined the Labor coffee I spent two times with him, and during my time there basically, I was a real organiz up with in a in a way that they really didn't want and they their utmost to get rid of me and they had God knows how many disciplinary while I was in there you know I the into disrepute. Generic thing that relates to ambitious black people. So they tried to move me and then a elated eight. I started working with the conservative call because they will fall. Keno to engage with local residents in a way that the Labor Party was. So they said, would you to join us and I said why not? Because I, honestly think that the Conservative Party a tree with the Carribean community. Very much. The have similar values in terms of land ownership homeownership family values the vast majority when they came home english-speakers. Christian to East and instead of them working with those communities think they would very much not focused on them. So I think and the Labor Party mister route trick tens of bringing those communities farm on incident of when they asked me to join their many natural sits in my a political ideology that what would conserve isn't is still a conservative member I'm a member of the party but not currently a council. With US interesting because I think a lot of people who've listened to my show of the last few weeks. I think they would find that surprising. They probably would because I think because of some of the politics that I article late but I'm also very much interested in entrepreneurship and self sufficiency in times of moving from position aid to position be, and I also feel that the Conservative Party have strong values when it comes to family values, I'm not saying the Labor Party done but I feel the conservative. Party have strong family values and I've sit well with that. Especially in terms of what they're doing in terms of like you know I'm just trying to think of something I'm really happy with them at the moment I'm struggling. I'm struggling right now but essentially I have got I have got strong conservative values and on Martin sit well with what people think I am externally but there's a lot that's unknown and there's a lot that knows we have to try to have a little bit of a nice playbook. I think he's hilarious that you're a Conservative Party member and I'm not. On, you know for ten years, I. No I decided when I joined LDC that it wasn't really appropriate and I decided to bow out of active politics anyway. I just didn't resign or flounce our to anything. To.

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