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An hour fastball in laughter Blanco the center fielder and pens in right Richard Benevides hunched over at the waist the pet store the third struck him out swinging the bridge refers must use the play and throws it out the trusted Brandon belt and another one of those two striker balls at spike into the dirt for the strikeout for Bumgarner it would be so that that you're actually trying to balance not whole plated he he was about four inches long it bounced the ground before between home plate buster Posey but that pic herbal snap and will they do not nobody on here is Kolten Wong powerful left handed hitting second baseman Dixon might be at a high fence one thousand back to the office right on it he's been on everything this guy security good pitch to hit a low fastball challenge right above the belly not a big guy five nine built like a brick out house a man at a high school Hilo Hawaii is the one track offering to see what little bit higher he was above the belt with a Christmas ball and this moves up around the lettering on his shirt at ninety five miles an hour and one of the ones that will do I need to one is going to be thrown soon enough three back the fence in the second day please stand with high hard stuff here against one on one ninety four miles an hour the bell yeah he's got to show a little respect and to count with that fastball in regards to location that was right across the bill to play we're talking T. ball location his in the post season two zero two page showing the proper thank you for going down the line is called off by Crawford who just refuse to make the connection and one is retired the card is three up three down I'm gonna throw twenty pitches eighteen of them for strikes so far we go to Alaska the second pencil Belton Ishikawa coming up against Wainwright game five giants nothing cardinals nothing it's in five of the twenty fourteen NLCS K. E. N. D. R. one O. four five and six eighty the.

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