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Um when we were we saw that the screening because i got to interview a jennifer lea who wrote the movie and gloom bought the raw who plays uh make murray's mother in the film and they told us that's basically that we weren't allowed to tweet any reactions about the movie we could see what we saw at and that was it and then they mentioned that the review embargo date was like a she said a couple of days before the film came out but then all of a sudden i saw a couple of people you don't break this social media embargo late last night so i'm i'm not sure if there were different rules from for different people in a maybe the people who saw the world's premier could say something and other people can't i still don't really know exactly what i am an m not allowed to say about the movie blankets because some opinions are already out there i'm you know kind of okay with giving you guys like some loose thoughts about the foul um i am not crazy about the book uh but i think this movie does about a as good a job as possible in adapting the book and i think the idea that it's sort of unfilmable is is a pretty fair criticism there's there's a lot going on here and i think the perforances are almost all across the board really really good um storm reid is really great she's the young of black actress whose plays the the heroin mcmurry um i was not crazy about reese witherspoon who said the one person in the whole calf that i wasn't really um a fan of and then also this character charles wallace who is the younger brother of the main girl is one of the most annoying harris herself have come across and in a literary history is like one of these these uh you know savant children whose way more mature than dino he's like five years old or something but he speaks you know as if he's 35 and his just super annoying trope that you've seen over and over again it definitely was not as big of a deal in the novel because that came out in like 1962 or something so.

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