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Down giving the sign that i need a minute. there's nothing wrong with that either. I thought it was fun to watch. I like seeing training videos. I didn't get a big takeaway. I didn't think the dustin through hands harder than he should thrown them that he showed us a set of i just saw two sparring and one guy got clipped and he sat down and said gimme break my official prediction for mcgregor versus poor. A part three. I'm taking but i want to break this fight down. Because i mean look in many ways you have a toss up right in the betty lines are even showing that in the more and more people that i talked to more and more people i hear from you might be able to relate to. This are very excited for this fight but not bullish one way or the other. I never hear anybody saying poor as going to stop him or all connors going to stop them. I never hear that. I think that we all understand. We're gonna have a back and forth battle and if we've watched these guys compete twice. We seen that they can both get the victory. I realized that. I'm stating the obvious. I realized that. But you can go back. You can look at the intimidation that was on dustin porges face the first time he stepped into a huge high profile fight. That opponent could have been anybody. Dustin was not going to win that night. He was a deer in the headlights. Right the lights were just too bright now. Much more mature dustin poor. That's headlining shows and fighting for championships. All of a sudden stepping back in with connor. It removed that fear. And that's really what you saw that that we really was the big difference with pouria. He did it have that same. Fear had a different belief. He understood the spot. There was no crowd so no matter. How much pressure. How high a fight appears to be. It feels smaller to the athletes. He had a good performance by dust. And now i'm talking about part two of course but we can also identify what was wrong with connor which was the removal from competition for a meaningful period of time. He had one fight with cowboy ceremony before that fight it like five hundred days since he had fought another three hundred sixty five days plus copayment look. It was a tough spot. That was the worst connor. I've ever seen as the worst connor. You're going to see. And i don't think any of us make believe that's the connor that's going to show up. You're going to have a much superior conor mcgregor in this fight. That's relevant because if any of you thought that was a close fight and you don't have an argument to make as to what dustin is going to do to be even better and we know for sure a better. Connor is going to show up just based on logic just because we acknowledge that ring. Rust is real. Do you see the problem. I didn't see a close fight there. I saw a fight that was over. Within the first three minutes conor mcgregor was different and had changed and realize he was in a harder contest than he was expecting to be in within three minutes of the very first round and now it's just a matter. How do i get out of here. How the hell do i get out of this. One right real thing that goes through a fighters minor going through cotter's mind. He finally found the answer about seven and a half minutes in. I only bring that to you because that's not going to happen again. That is extremely unlikely. Now if you saw a back and forth battle if you thought. This was tit for tat and some people have some people have told me. Go back and watch us this thing. This thing was a dogfight. One parade took it down. Connor scooter defense and got right back up to his feet. That's fiction that didn't happen. But if you think that your eyes saw something different and this is a very close back and forth and you have. The added element of knowing that. Connor is going to be superior. It's going to be a superior connor. You might wanna take mcgregor in this right. It's not as though mcgregor done. Have a way to go. He does mcgregor. Doesn't just have a left hand to be jump with. He's doing very good work in the clinch. As of late he showed that with cowboy aronie some of the shoulder strikes he broke cowboys nozomi. Just for example. Connor has more ways that he can win. Connor plans for this to be a long drawn out evening. That is likely to go twenty five minutes. He will reduce his power. He won't look for the finnish right. The old mike tyson expression very true. If you look for the knockout you will lose the decision. But if connor makes his mind ahead of time and all. I have to go. On as a reference point is connor versus nate diaz part two. I'm taking that corner and that strategy and that outlook to the contest that he knew this is going to take some time. I'm not gonna put this guy down. He took my power before. Kara might also know that with dustin because dustin did take his power in the second fight so of connor changes and looks for a strategy. That is much longer and much more drawn out and you believe it was a competitive second fight because many of you do many of you when you wash. I thought well this was really back and forth. I saw something different. I did not see competitive. I saw conor mcgregor who three minutes and realize this is going to be my night talking as an athlete. Right as a guy. That's done it. I just know what that looks like. So.

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