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Committed to continuing those efforts while remaining true to those people. The team in this country Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news radio. Thank you, Adam 9 13 back out to the roadways now and every 10 minutes. Let's check in again with Lori Grandi. It's the Subaru retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. All right, Jeff, a couple of issues plaguing our friends to the north. We have an overturned vehicle in Hampton, New Hampshire, right now, it actually went off the road and then overturned. This is on 95 North bound just after The arrest area They're inhabited. Work continues as well. On the every turnpike south on two left hand lanes are closed off and national just after the Daniel Webster highway and they're working once again today and Salem, this time of the North bound side, 93 North bend at the Rockingham Park Boulevard. Their exit one watch out for delays as well still through Wilmington, with the crash. The offer was actually blocked right now. 93 South bound to route 62 off ramp completely blocked off right now. Is they clear that crash in Wilmington? It Mansfield still dealing with a single car crash. It is in the breakdown lane, though 95 north on by 4 95 there in Mansfield Work crews have set up shop now on Route three North found. This is at the split in Braintree. So watch out for delays. They want to get on the expressway that continues to be heavy and slow as well. Getting a past Columbia road, There's a disabled vehicle in the medium to watch out for this is in herel 4 95 south on right by the Ward Hill connector. Still dealing with another breakdown. This is on 95 north bound in Westwood in the median right by university. Have Lori granted visas. Traffic on the three little bit of sunshine a little bit of clouds this morning in Boston 31 degrees right now, what you see is what you're gonna get. For the next couple of days. We'll top 40 degrees later on. Local.

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