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Knack for most guys have anako have an output chip some kind or another new concentrate on either showing at out pitch or setting it up instead of thinking okay i can't i can't destroyed over the play because i was a rookie your second your pitcher billy martin was going nuts about oh two and i didn't say anything begin carry 200 back that it carried 100 arbil in his back pocket because he was gunned we were all tied to do this thing is lessons you can right so let's get him out begin we withdraw the ball in the backs the on purpose it nobody's homebase billy get the as out but it just thinking give rural permeated were really bothers everybody and the guy's all start thinking about and they get tighter up but it started early in the season he had more had a lot of trouble with it and we've been trying to find ways to help him get better that because he's got strike out stuff inability to put people away but we're losing people and to and not just losing balls are being hit hard and they're not being dumped into rightfielder brokenbat bad some we're talking about home runs and blind drives and the gap so it in make it makes you wanted hutus things that you never thought you do before but it's again it's part over the game we have to deal with the rather have them deal with being ahead on onto and set a two and all the time because we lead the league i think and i pitch strikes lever not so you're always looking for positive right but you know what is yet it we got an impotent abut giants pitching coach dave righetti we'll be back with part to coming up in cody has the dave righetti story was it turns out a family connection here one way back hey yeah he's the south baghai lot of folks gnome as a six degrees in seperation is like kevin bacon baseball some like that out on anyway i we'll get to that little more with debra getty coming up on sports phone six eight ooh oh sports rule succeeding with wing woodson among knbr succeed she's got that green apple sauce patch again jimmy what these kids i've got thirty house you know i don't trade majko ghost greece seriously knowing asked him on i did soared you just gotta.

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