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Also a code nineteen drive through testing site in the parking lot of Freeman Coliseum expect delays and lane closures along Houston street in eighteen T. centre parkway I'm Cindy Sampson news radio twelve hundred W. away I building in warm temperatures to be in the low fifties will fall back to the mid to upper sixties early clouds Friday then some clearing later afternoon high mid to upper eighties stray shower thunderstorm late Friday night and we'll see a partly sunny day on Saturday I'm Jeff you know from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away I chance at a thousand dollars to help with your bills coming up twelve times today oh my god use radio twelve hundred W. away I'd presented locally by Alamo water softeners a local family business that's here to make sure you have the best in home water filtration systems call them at two one oh two seven four six one two two that's two one oh two seven four six one two two hi I'm Robert the prices all remaining twenty nineteen how low can we go on a twenty nineteen seventy one forty E. ninety to seventy seventy nine you know right now okay what about a twenty nineteen Sorrento seventy nine at a discount on it makes it so some of it in nineteen ninety one and only a little fourteen you get a lifetime warranty shop online or visit us at world car kia L. eight six six six seven two two seven two one for details the I heart media is new podcast the art of improvement a casual conversation with San Antonio's influencers coming up this week the president and CEO of Sonora bank Bob Malone our logo or three running horses there three horses running in absolute unison moving together and there's three different colors it takes all kinds to make the bank's successful be a part of the conversation and subscribe to the art of improvement podcast available now on your I heart radio app it's times like these that remind.

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