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He trade because they're so fleetingly rare like trading a twenty five year old super duper star in before he's even reached his prime is not how you get better in this league that's a fair point side note like your jacket allot looks very new wife's the style so that i haven't seen you yet today soom i can say this eighthly love the sweater pretty smart okay right i can now say it right okay here's another thing it would it would be very easy if a coach came out and said i don't like celebrations if he was sixty six rigid system guy mike tomlin is a pro player he's forty six an african american head coach who is completely relatable to players a tough no nonsense football guy but it's never been antifun anna emotion and passion and he says i don't love celebrations it's not a great look for the record nick andre johnson walter payton jerry rice larry fitzgerald some of my all time favorite players russell wilson they don't celebrate you know who does grunk i don't want to join the grunk club i liked the russell wilson club i think mike tomlin's right all right so listen even the cool young black guy can be wrong the cool young black guys wrong like i here's the thing we do a weird thing where we assign a calm or lack of celebration we assign that character character trait to be a high character guy i mean there's a another guy you mentioned who never celebrated in marvin harrison now i think you could ask maybe the philly da's office about what character they think marvin harrison is you might get different answers but he always handed the ball to the referee i think your quality of player has no correlation to celebration 'antonio brown is the greatest wide receiver under six feet tall in the history of the sport he likes to celebrate dion sanders is the greatest defensive back in the history of the sport he liked to celebrate like i don't i got no problem with it i i'm one of these crazy people that things sports are wing of the entertainment industry because oh yeah they are.

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