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You're you pretty miserable yeah no matter how much you're making serves great lesson for me and laney linnea me to learn and um are leaning i whatever i was like they're they're worried that grammar argue among buses the trust trail the nest awesome here um so any way a mob mombasa's name nice guy his name was duane ward we butted heads also very young you know young in his business yet in a nobody likes being told what it is i did not manda and i thought i was killed in it um you know just crushing it ever for a brand new agent at auto destroying it in west coast was my region soured book speakers in the western i would say words like dude on the phone in some man and yeah and he he would have me in his office and be like we don't i will say man and dude embroil young and that idea a now as i will and manometers yes yeah what about few sounds like the west coast of it in any way that was just an example of how we butted heads at the same time also have very long hair yes in most of our business was done on the phone yet and so he would bug me about it in in that was the straw the broke the camel's back i mean he couldn't stand it in his old skull yeah halo i put me in one monday and he was like as she to get a haircut you'd pretty much just ignored that it you know and a pama stuff may now was the army army that like maybe old school one day to your kids will be like we do we say dude we say dude and we say bra sally if you could stop with your new lingo right exactly at body i'm okay.

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