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Also a question you quite with my grandmother she owned a house worship review they gave her a chicken fifty eight and colder cadaval and she moved to san francisco and my dad moved to oaklawn became a giant fan in oakland a's but there was a lot of going on my dad's him because he's he said the were makiko one he used to come to the house he said a lot of things who go on the rich a lot of uh o ethnic group a lot of ethnic and a lot of energy sidhu for no like with the indian you think the energy of the people living mention visiting ravine at that time in that community they would be picking up on there on the energy both were really great question guard ever the arrival workers there are africanamerican mexicanamerican worker and they they talked about colonel a lot of army cut approach very sensitive about you know what happened to prevent their van because like some of the people that live there what kind of would actually like forcibly evicted arm now people some people really resist it because it had been you know is there a strong storm quote community um you know beautiful setting i am uh yeah hung all i've hurt invert now her yeah i wanted to a place to live so relevant strong attachment um so your summer of a workers karma pondered right we had no no proof or evidence other van although stories about that i mentioned earlier about the whitewater car because our cup of the workers a drought credible kinda connected to the old in our in a marvin just the mexico but if it's strong story and mexico about lie your own written program her wheeling woman a woman who honda circling a preston white search for her child wash child um and that kind of felt that that kind maybe vote for a woman and white fan on the open no hop on the ballpark might heartpumping appear with our uh he also had a question.

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