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Not beyond. Wow. Maybe somebody else, but come up. I'm the one that it. I'm the one that not everyone. I'm the one that's gonna fight. All these is back the bag the better, easy, right? I'm going back to back to back who else as it is give me the next top. This. Let me get the next top one. The only time I wanna fight low opportunities when I find my mentor, and that's that's what I'm trying to do to this for man. I got a hold of the birds in in abuse of what I'm trying to do in my crew with this sport man, going on where I feel like it can go the way I wanted to go with the have all these. You know, I don't I don't understand why he wanted to question. My heart mean, not wanna know smoke. I won't older fucking smoke. Tell the ball to come even if you came head. I want that smoked too or I don't want. Nobody Elba question's gonna say while the heart because I am that part. Hey on the part, and that's why I'm just ticket to the pool. Table saying I already issue my challenge, I'm not getting in the rain, which but I do want to ask you if you seem Fred from barbershops coming sation back and forth with Andre ward. And how you receive that? Yeah. I'd be seething. I seen that under sons he was trying to clean himself with world. But you know, once on this. What's understood don't have to be slain, and he tried to explain something that was already understood and took him. You know, you can't you can't you can't clean that that that not wanna know smoke..

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