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Light gets the shot christopolous made the save an inhuman goes crashing into the nets they'll put the net back on the drop the park just to the left ability christopolous tom lack will take the proper airports far circle cadillac wednesday dried picked up by the falcons trying to break out of their through traffic they do shoval then by start a go after in the near quarter and a stick battle on the goal line in the near quarter pioneer in rimmed around to the other side it will quieter over there and shipped outta thereby d you unable to control it is barrow there gets past him and christopolous lease the goalmouth to play it they get it behind the never them falcon falls down and they pioneers get a turnover tennis shot after the turnover battle of ships keep saved made by christopolous air force had the puck in a chance to clear but one of the falcons blew attire now the pioneers hap pressure they drop penalty and a touch up by air force on the delay cough finally stopped wayfair they got a holding call on dillon of buddha was right behind the airport's net it was against henrik bork stresemann whiteboards strumsa he's a first round pick of the florida panthers use the player of the year the rookie of the year in the ncaa chc last season he's a lot to handle an abboud could not handle in he held him up on the play abboud to the box for two minutes our first penalty in this scheme denver is on the power play and they've been great this season twenty six percent on the year they went the driver kopach apiece everybody took a putt behind the net he rented around to the far side air force can't clearing hits kept in play by troy terry terry with a shot redirected over here to the near site picked up goal line centering pass out front for another shot saved by christopolous another shot christopolous that a piece of that one another shot at christopolous slam litter shot three straight times on in gambro troy terry and i didn't get the number of the other guy wow though he christopolous putting on a show right there pioneers on the power play bring it right back in air force gets to take away rogers rims it out of their up the ice it goes no score we're five minutes into the.

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