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45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. It's 9 45, let's head back to rob woodfork. All right, Michelle, the nationals trying to make sure this is a game winner. So we're gonna drive straight away center field and deep Herrera racing back toward the warning track at the wall. He can't get it. It's off the fence and in play. Hernandez headed home. Ruiz on his heels, both are trying to score the throw to the plate one run is scored the second tumbles in. Hernandez crosses soda's Ruiz. It's a two run double for Luis Garcia and the nationals are in front of the 7th inning three to two. Dave jagler calling that clutch piece of hitting on 1500 a.m., the Nat still lead three two bottom of the 8th inning in Philadelphia after a strong start from Josiah gray. 6 innings of four hit two run ball with a career high 11 strikeouts. Those two runs though coming on Kyle schwarber home runs that might prevent him from getting the win, but the nationals right now holding on to that one run lead and the Orioles also clinging to a one run advantage, as they are in the top of the 9th inning in Baltimore, up to one on the Texas Rangers, the mystics in Atlanta trying to pull away from the dream where in the fourth quarter there in Atlanta with the sticks in front 69 to 60 Elena delle donne back in the lineup she leads all scores in the game with 19 points and 8 rebounds, the wizards officially announcing Bradley Beal's 5 year supermax deal to stay in Washington, it reportedly includes the only true no trade clause currently in the NBA. It's only the tenth in league history. You look at the other 9 names. They're either in the Hall of Fame or soon to go into the Hall of Fame from a big deal to a discount deal in the NFL. Cleveland dealing former first overall pick, Baker Mayfield to Carolina for a conditional mid round pick in 2024 in oh, by the way, the browns are still paying the vast majority of his $18.8 million salary for the season. Yay? Rob woodwork WTO sports

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