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On with mario lopez mario lopez german-owned zoom from the new season of dancing with the stars catfish nieves. Showman jenna johnson. Welcome to the show. How y'all do go. that's right. Man representing representing go. That's it had gone thousand. Well congrats you guys you've been you've been killing it so far for runners right now. What's been the secret to the success. Don't know if we're front runners. I mean i'll take it. But i love the position where at a We came in with just no expectations. And i think each week nieve has come out there and just surprised people which has been so fun to see. Everyone's reactions to him. But i definitely think that you can see his progress. He is improving and we got the first perfect score of the season. Which a cell phone. So thera cam do better than that neave is. How different is it from what you expected. Well first of all i think. Let's just be honest. Janice incredible mean. But she's she's a gem and the experience has been fascinating. I mean i've obviously been making a reality television show for eight years so i'm very familiar with the production side of show but not a live performance out of competition. Not you all the rehearsals in the creative meetings in the interview them it's it's a whole nother bee's and it's fascinating exciting end sometimes right confusing but it's a lot of fun more than anything. It's just being around this many creative people who are all pushing every week to make this to our performance happen it's it's just an infectious energy. That's so much fun to be around. Yeah it's a pretty incredible production that they pull off at their Who do you think is your biggest competition.

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