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David David David. Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave. Dave David Banner. They let me ask you guys a question. Is it anything that you all want to talk about with us like you you you you have people who are from every just about every walk of life that's on On the show you know Tommy novel where are you from? The Brahms Yeah Tommy. No let's throw up the X. man just so you know we. We got people from just about every walk of life man. If there's any questions anything that we could talk about now and I just want to think about this man. That's why I chose. You are one because trust you and I know you like the questions that you are asked the things that you all say may help somebody else you know from maybe doing something all flipping out or going crazy or if we can work it out you know in front of the world you know. It'll help those people who are who do think they're too cool because like you say there's people who think they too cool to do shit but then end up suffering or end up doing some something crazy and then we can't pull those things back. Is there any questions any I kinda got a question? Like put him sort of like wash tells me to use while my nicely temporary is built. Choose to tell me I need to. I need to breathe for like instead of just exploding a fan. You WanNa take this man. I I just don't understand how like some just a lot of things. I don't have really a lot large amount of patients for Sunday's don't be out of gold ball situation so let me tell you Just so you guys know. I battle with anger That was the one thing before my dad died that he said that he. He was worried about as pertain to me. That's the reason why they call me. David Banner There had nothing to do with rap. I probably have I mean and I know you guys. By the time you guys met me I had been through therapy and I meditate knowledge kind of things but I have a real bad problem with anger. What I learned was this When you find something that's important to you in life a lot of times the reason why we be so angry is because we have nothing to live four but like when I started finding something to live for I used put it. I put Dallas signs over people's heads like dude. Is this person worth all. The things that I've worked for is this person worked me going to jail for. Is this person worth worth me? Breaking breaking my handover because usually when I will get angry. I Know Library started crying and I would blank out and then when I will come to Scott has seen is happening bro. Blood everywhere. Scotus came Scotus. Came in my house is blood all over my shirt and he was like Bro. What happened house like Man Dude was talking Shit and basketball game? It was just blood. You know But what I found out Bro. Is that lot of times when people try to make you. Angry angry Bro. I call it the devil's remote control because usually when we get angry we let everything go and we willing to risk everything. So when she tells you to breathe what I think she saying. Man and I learned this from Minister Farrakhan broadview take two seconds. Just breathe do you know how many lives because they do. You know how many people who are in jail right now. If they would've took two seconds to breathe how could change so many pieces of half of the population of people that you notice dead right now with a live if both people took two seconds debris and what. I'll tell you bro. Is that the reason why we go through so much. Hail is because we have the most guy potential you know I know I know you go through a lot broccoli. Seeding your is I I. I could see you ready to buzz when I see you like UN. Like there's like you want to do something else and the thing is the reason why it's so confused and Bro is because we haven't found that theme that they call a North Star so that you gotta find something for you to live for you know and that's the one of the reasons why I chose you guys because in a lot of cases right now you all live for each other and s good enough to you can find something else bro but like most of these people that try to beef with most of these people that try to talk stuff with brain the smoke most of them. They're not worth nothing. Had nothing going on in their life so they want they want to put you in the same position that they you feel me. You know you sound like we sound like my Man Josh. Right.

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