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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Newsradio time is seven forty one. Let's head to the CBS four Colorado weather center with astronaut Harry and asked him what we got snow coming big for the mountains. Maybe not so big down here. Right. Yeah. You know for most of us around the metro area. Ed, this is probably not going to be a big storm. But if you were south or east is give me a combination of snow and win and that could cause some big problems coming up tonight. Do an emphasize we're going to stay mainly dry today. The mountains will get snow today. But here lower elevations, we should be dry through the afternoon. High temperatures around fifty three degrees or so that will occur around lunchtime. Then temperatures will start to drop as the storm approaches. Cloud cover wall, so increase today's the storm approaches may start as a rainstorm mix. I can't believe him saying that in January. But here we are again brainstorm makes possible in the evening, and then all snow overnight, Ed as you know, it is a quote, unquote, warm storms. So this is going to be heavy slushy. Snow similar delight the last couple of storms. We would typically see in March or April, not January US. That's we're going to have around here tonight for most of us. We're talking two to four inches of accumulation if you're south or east could be more. Perhaps up to six inches long portions. The Palmer divide a few spots could even get up to eight inches, and we are concerned about the wind. It's going to cause a lot of blowing snow and potentially near blizzard conditions, including along I seventy east of Denver tonight. Even I seventy south of Lincoln. There could be a few times tonight where it's close to a blizzard down there with the snow blowing and the tomorrow, just cold and windy, highs near freezing the wind that's gonna make you feel a lot colder snow wraps up early tomorrow, and they'll will be dry and sunny again by Wednesday, mostly sunny with high right around forty seven. So at least the rush hour tomorrow looks a whole lot different than the rush hour this morning. I think we're, you know, we've had a bunch of traffic.

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