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Welcome to another episode of the weird wacky and wonderful stories. Podcast with your hosts shelley and bella. Hey everybody walk into episode one hundred and six of the weird wacky and wonderful stories podcast. Hi everybody well. First of all we start off once again with some thank you. Thank you once again to john melinda bombs and also david pettibone again for once again Donate in some money to us on the coffee Campaign we're running really really appreciate dot com slash much helps us three do like a by of beer by tonight shot shots giving you insight into the kind of day she's had today. Yes definitely along we. We usually recalled this on the weekend when we've got a little bit more time but unfortunately today we've got an interview books on the weekend that by the way you're going to love that show coming up Should we give them a little now. Now let's wait and see it's going to be really good so we've got interview coming up Which were doing weekend two weekends tyne which means that today. We were called in this during the week. Which means that. We're both shattered after work. I'm recalled so excuse. The bags undecided is. Oh my god. That's why balanced got the soft focus thing going on on her screen. She looks worse than me. Feel worse than me of no data that anyway. Thank you once again. John melinda and also david pettibone really appreciate it. I don't know why anybody would want to Listen to us bicker and pick at each other. But hey you know different strokes for different folks. When i say i say well we should. We would do. We would just be on..

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