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I don't know if it's an official request. I this is what i have just says. Team hit hard by cove especially the defensive line. Ohio state is close to the availability limit for the gain. Big ten advocating to postpone for a week. We've heard some rumblings here. I did ask about justin fields and my source said he c- banged up but ready to play banged up but will play Because i didn't know if let's see him. Yeah my source says fields banged up will play big ten trying to get a postponement defensive line and the team hit hard by covid and they're approaching the availability limit to be able to field a team that the big ten would be advocating for moving this. It's not ohio state from what i'm told. The big ten is saying we need to have a what would be a legitimate national title game and covert is still now. Alabama and ohio state aren't transparent with their numbers they haven't been and apparently they don't have to be. There are also governed by different. You know medical rules in their conferences. The fcc and big ten coach differently so trying to get the information. There has been hard to find out. Exactly how hard hit the are with cove but it sounds like they're they're inching closer to the number of players. They need to have available for this national title game. So that was the information i had yesterday and you know there has. There have been pockets of information like this out there but from what i was told yesterday. The big ten is advocating for postponing this a week. Not ohio state and justin fields from. What i'm told will play. Ohio state is planning on playing. I just wanna make sure that we underline that ohio state is planning on playing but the big ten is advocating for ohio state who is close to the availability limit to be able to postpone this game for a week. That was the information i had yesterday. I will come up with a poll question. Play of the day stat of the day. Dan orlovsky from espn Always love when he joins us. We'll talk some football here. Look we're going to tip toe through this day we are. I'm sure you have a lot of opinions..

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