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I can't even name a player that they've drafted well in the last in recent years you know like maybe sanders and they took him around is that is he really worth that draft capital. I mean it's it's debatable. I think he's right fancy player. But it's more because there's no other weapons know he's going to get one hundred dollars you know. I don't trust that. They need to clean house. In my opinion this was a good move for them if they're if they're viewing themselves as a rebuilding team. You know. pass you on a guy like devante smith. If if they don't get him get him. I'll say this is a really good move. If they don't if they miss out on a guy like him pitts. I'm going to be. I don't see how you start to rebuild. Its start putting high quality players around you know run your team. If they don't get a guy to dismiss. I'm going to start calling them putting the at least putting the dumpster fire labor on them. Because with howie roseman. I do not trust that guy at all as you said. I can't really name one good picture. The eagles made and they surefire hit with justin jefferson the draft last season. The biggest mistake i have seen an nfl draft since while the jets selected decry polite in the third round only to cut him the very next season. But yeah those are the two worst moves in recent draft memory that i can remember as far as making a terrible selection so i don't trust this organization at all either. I really hope to go for devante smith but if not like you said it could end up being a mistake. Okay let's move out of the daily headlines section because we have to talk about this dynasty rookie mocked up non super flex. Let's go over the last two ounce of this. I'm this gonna go through. All of these picks najjar harris went number one followed by travesty. Cal pits tamar chase. Devante smith giovanni with shod bateman jalen vital kerris marshall kenneth gain well wanda more and michael quarter with the twelfth. Pick in the first round second round. We have quarterback trevor lawrence going off the board with the first pick. Elijah more.

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