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I'm Rob and I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 12 Noon. There is a possibility of a Corona virus vaccine could be distributed in Indiana. Soon. We have been told by the federal vaccine coordinators to expect some doses of the first vaccine by late November and possibly a shipment of the second vaccine in mid December, and even if approval happens in time to meet that estimates, State Health Commissioner Chris Box says the vaccine would only be available at first to health care workers and others on the front lines why distribution of it would still be months away as Indiana's Corona virus. Aces go up so his resistance the precautions that health leaders say are necessary to reverse the trend, Eric Berman reports. Opponents of mask wearing have been vocal about the refusal. But state health Commissioner Christina Box says it's not just masks. We are seeing an increasing number of people who are just like not going to help you not going to give you information. Not going 40 not gonna isolate I'm just not going to do it. I think they're tired of it. They're over it. We also hear that word. If that individual comes back positive Mom or Dad can't go to their job, says she's been on the phone this week with health officials and Dearborn and Ohio counties, which had been listed as high risk counties, two weeks in a row. She praises school superintendents there for limiting after school activities to try to stop the virus has spread. But in nearby Fayette County, with Indiana's worst positivity rate box, says health officials report people are digging in their heels. Eric Berman 93 W. IBC Global Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogs that saying this morning he understands fatigue is setting in, but he drove home. The point that the virus does not recognize county lines are intention would be to request and convene. Public health departments of our eight county area in the coming weeks to begin working on what I hope will result in more regional collaboration, he says. More details on that will be released at a later time. Marion County's positivity right has gone from 5 to 7%. But what if it gets as high as 10%? If we reached double digits, you may find that we may have and go back to a Lord stage. Of requirements compared to where we are today. That's marrying county health director Dr Virginia Caine saying. It's on you to do your part by wearing a mask, social distance, see and washing your hands. Violence in Marion County. Three people shot on Indies South side Wednesday, Ashley Fowler reports. Police say the three were sitting in a parked car on Tindall Street at around 7 P.m. Wednesday when they were shot. One person was taken to the hospital. The other two victims drove to the hospital on their own. I MPD has not said what led to the shootings. Ashley Fowler, 93 WNBC Mobile news update in the Sean read case and our drought conditions, improving those stories and more next on 93. W I. B. C coming up on Tony Cats today. It turns out anonymous really was anonymous. And the stabbings in France and what's coming next that's happening in three minutes. Weekly jobless claims fell to the lowest level since March. Last week, the Labour Department reports 751,000 Americans filed first time claims for unemployment benefits That's 1000 more than analysts had forecast and 40,000 fewer than the previous week's revised total. Sean Reed was killed by an I e m p d officer back in May, His mother Dmitri Wind filed a federal lawsuit against I A P D. A federal judge in Indianapolis has removed. I am PT as a defendant in that lawsuit, saying the Reid family provided no evidence of excessive use of force by officers who did not fire their weapons. Their ruling also dismisses individual wrongful death claims against I A P D officers Stephen Scott and the jury. Mercer Police say Mercer is the one who fired the shots that killed Reed and the judge did say, however, that wrongful death claims can continue against I amputee deputy chief Kendall Adams and I am pretty chief Randall Taylor, which questions where They were acting in the scope of their employment when they began chasing Read on. I 65 tear gas and pepper spray. We're used to stop people from riding in Indianapolis at the end of May. In the beginning of June, Chris Davis reports that protesters sued and they've gotten a settlement. It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win by any means necessary. Jean Louise is with nd 10 black lives matter. The groups as most people were not violent, and the settlement with the MPD says people like Bree Robinson, who says she was part of a peaceful demonstration won't be gassed without any warning just began. Teo get deployed. Flash grenades were being used. We had no notice of what was going on at the front, but then tear gas continued to follow us as we ran away and the Ll you of Indiana says there won't be any gas if no one is getting hurt, or if no one is rioting. Chris Davis 93. W I B C Mobile news. A statewide average for gas today down to 201 per gallon, says gas buddy. It's exactly two bucks here in Indy, and a man from Illinois has shared videos. Of his Titanic themed Halloween display. He started by tweeting My Heart Will ghoul on saying that pretty much sums up 2020. He's done several.

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