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Roger, it's David. Great. How you doing? I'm calling to wish you and well happy birthday. Thanks. I had a shoe full this morning, but I'm over. You had a tooth post. Happy birthday there. Thank God. How you feeling about this birthday? Well, that seems so since tree had the script celebration and main once in advance that just goes on forever. But there's another thing has come up, which is on my birthday. As on Russia, Shana And believe me, I know range friends of on jurors. Friends of mine. Good from celebrates its every year without your friends, but some of them called the other day and said that they were made from the birthday. And through this year's gonna call Rajesh Rajesh Jonah. There, Enough Look, The greatest year of my childhood was Sandy Koufax. And the great thing about him is that he that he wouldn't pitch on Janki Poor Remember that? Yeah. And then everybody said that I knew was saying, What is young? Poor Theo the day of forgiveness, but I and repentance, So have you been looking forward to this birthday or dreading it? Well, sure. I've been looking forward to it, but it keeps on keeps going on. I'm gonna do a bunch of different zooms and meetings and gatherings, and it's been various Rita. I've had wonderful messages from people. Old old friends and colleagues and people have barely know and from strangers as well. So I'm very charges versus sure know, too may. Well, we're gathering the staff on Friday afternoon, and we're gonna all zoom toast. You wish. I wish it were at my place in a big party with lots of champagne, but a cz. They terribly say all the time. Now it is what it is. I know. Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. Well, Roger, I just have to tell you I'm sending love from everybody at WNYC. Everybody from the New York er wi I I You know we love you. But what can I say? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Happy Rochon affects a man..

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