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Been more favourable on containment but especially in south lake. Tahoe there is still on holding those containment lines. they're also still seeing some pretty meaningful spotting. Which is when members are flying and creating fires off the line and they're worried you know. This is all about the weather. So they're hoping that the weather stays favorable going into this week. Yeah they don't want higher temperatures but what does this mean for. Some residents who are returning we see tweets telling them to make sure you have fuel groceries. Your medicine what. What's the concern there. That's right south. Lake tahoe residents started coming back yesterday. They lifted the man a mandatory evacuation. But it's still. They're still hazard smoke. Smoke blanketing the tahoe region. If anybody's been the lake tahoe basin in it's just there's they've been dealing with bad smoke from more than a month now from both the dixie fire and the kaldor fire. There is still active fire in that area. Some of the hospitals are still closed and again these stores have been closed. They've been evacuated for a week now so there may not have supplies. They may not have food. They may not have gas at the gas station. So people are are if you're they're recommending that if you're in a safe place now with the air is clean you may just wanna stay there a little longer. Yeah we're reading one report. The barton hospital hasn't reopened. Its emergency room so you could just break your ankle and not having any are to go to just a a caution there. How are firefighters. Talk about labor day labor away. What are they doing to contain these fires. So few things one is. They are trying to hold the lines that they've created and then to specifically in lake tahoe. They're focusing on these. These difficult areas and robin are this eight thousand feet elevation. In some cases alpine lakes a lotta granite a lot of rough terrain. It's really difficult to hold these lines. And you know across the state of california. They've got fourteen thousand firefighters working. They're throwing everything they can. At the dixie fire and the kaldor fire i w- been watching the morning update every morning. And you know they're just going around saying here's where we're having some spotting. Here's where we're concerned. Here's where we're seeing some some some some you know even though we favorable weather some concerns about active fire especially in dixie fire. It grew nearly fifteen thousand acres just last night. They're seeing some some some concerning developments with behavior with that fire on the southeastern edge. So this is something that i think the mantras been. Don't turn your back on this. Keep focused and they've been able to achieve some containment but they're still worried about some fire behavior. And we're reading the kaldor dixie fires of the first wildfires on record to cross the sierra nevada mountain range why an put people that must have nerves on edge. Yeah i mean that is pretty remarkable that the just in the past month and a half in california history. We've seen these. Two fires crest the summit of the sierra nevada and what that means really is you know it's going up the western facing side and then somehow you know the spotting of of these embers which in some cases are thrown half a mile a mile are making it over and cresting the summit and then in the kaldor fire was heading into the tahoe basin. There's fire in the basin now inching towards the lake. This is.

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