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Do you deserve to be treated better then others yes that's capitalism latvia lebanon of thorson list country then it's different if you're living in a communist country okay that's different a fastest goblet that's different but an capitalistic society when you produce could you be treated better than those who don't yes yes you and by the way i have proof jimmy johnson was coaching dallas cowboys do you remember when he made the statement unconciousness that would by inconsistencies of consistent and the fact that i will treat those who produce better than i treat those who don't that is the truth and envelope only confessed to you i live by that you know how many years in my career and in my life i have him being treated that well lazy gentleman i never care because my attitude was you know what got climate got to climb nullah you got a walk through that terrain a run through that to rain and crawled through that to rate if you have to to get to the top but won't should there in a capitalistic society is your turn and the same should be applicable to college sports it's just that simple to me and evidently it's just that simple to kitty smith it it say espn it's eight eight seven to not we seven seven six back to the phones we go andrew along ali allows the what's up girls dinner and clearer talk to him uh first of all thank you how dare that kohler low tonight.

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