Republican Congress, Mike Pence, President Trump discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


In the cabinet that has a real connection to the republican congress is mike pence in really there's there's no one there at this point with that sort of tight connection to influence policy to but i mean that doesn't again that's really the concern i don't think of the president i think the president wants to move things along he wants to you know collect is wins and he's right now frustrated he's not getting those so he wants to go in a different direction it's going to be interesting to see if he can he can pull that off i mean honestly of our from the republican congress what i would like his them to work as an independent body nato i don't know a coequal branches of government lists drawn a crazy theory you know and have them past things that they believe are good that they believe will advance the conservative caused that will limit government and give them to the president and you know what he's gonna sign all of them is this on all of them he's not gonna care he's not going to push back against that he will sign all of them he is a legislative hall pass that is an incredible thing to get from a president you wouldn't have had that from president crews i'm president jeb bush are in any but you don't have what you have is very small man you have you have mitch mcconnell who's not going to give up his power and he is going after people like mo brooks now he is i mean they're spending a fortune going after any one who was with the freedom caucus so the gop under mitch mcconnell targeting his own now you have the gop the coffers are full they are taking in money hand over fist so he's doing his job he's he's making the.

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