President Trump, Polish Government, China discussed on Sean Hannity


Instead, John van damore, just sentenced to two years of supervised release, including six months of home confinement. With electronic monitoring prosecutors said called for thirteen months behind bars. They argued that probation would simply be a slap on the wrist. And at this sentence should be one to send a message. Meanwhile, the defense attorneys had argued that probation would be adequate for this particular defended Vandam, or they said was unlike other coaches in that he didn't pocket all of the money. In this case, they argued went to that sailing program there at Stanford University says Molly line at federal court in Boston van, or apologizing to friends family and the sailing team during sentencing saying he made a terrible mistake, and will never again, lose sight of his values. Poland is spending, billions on American fighter jets, part of a military agreement. Announced today at the White House. We're FOX's John decker is live during a joint press conference with his polish counterpart, President Trump announcing that he will send one thousand more US servicemembers to Poland and the polish government will pay for the infrastructure to support the additional troops. The polish government will build these projects at no cost to the United States. Supposed government will pay for this leaders have lobbied for additional forces for months and had hoped for a permanent US base. They said could be called for Trump. Lisa. Meantime, John, the president also expressing hope again for a trade deal with China. We're doing very well. And I, I have a feeling that we're going to make a deal with China because I really don't believe that China wants to continue the problem that they really caused themselves because we had a deal done. The US has accused China of backing down from planned concessions back to back losses. On Wall.

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