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We're giving it at all territory, and what might have been his final game with the Phillies because it looks like Roman Quinn is ready to come back up here to end his rehab assignment. My guess is the Phillies we're going to call up Quinton Friday to play in the Moreland series. And I would imagine that Arad all tear would be they try to send them down. If you'd have to go through waivers though because he doesn't have options left on his contract. And I would not be surprised if another team claims Aaron al-tair and takes him from the Phillies, so this this may have been Aaron Altair's final appearance affiliate doesn't on the mound met on the cell is up next on the final. Hey, matt. Yeah. That was an embarrassing game. I just can't believe they really just. Fetching enough, and you know. You know for such a powerful, we really couldn't do anything. But you know, I what do you think about like citing Craig or Dallas? Kimbrell or Dallas kaikal. Yeah. Yeah. Look, I think either of those guys met and they're good pitchers. They've been good pitchers for longtime either of them. In theory would help the problem is this. I don't believe the Phillies are interested in really going over the luxury tax this year, which seventeen point eight million dollars under and you could say I'm with I'd be with you mad if you said they should go over the tax, but I don't really think they want to. And if they signed either of those guys right now, they're pretty much Atta money, which means if they need something at the trade deadline. There's no money left. So I'm I would be very surprised if they signed either of those guys right now. Oh, yeah. You know, it's early in the season. But you know. Bullpen. We're only. Like twelve games in not even like ten games and eleven seven of their seven four so let they played eleven games. Yeah. You know? I just I hate to see the both collapsed early in our. Yeah. And look this was obviously a bad couple of days for them. Last night was was rough because there was a winnable game. Again, the should've wanted tonight was just you know, it's just the blow out. But I think they're best relievers in this bull. Pretty good Sarangani and Robertson, and then Narus and Morgan it's the it's the bottom three. That's when those guys come in. It's just it's been bad bad. I appreciate the.

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