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And the 5 to one is a carrot that I'm finding it difficult to get away from. But there is another horse in this race that I'm quite keen on. But of the two bally Doyle horses, I mean, from a price perspective, it's pretty simple. You go a little big bear, but price form, racings, speed, how do you assess the whole thing between the two? Ryan rarely gets it wrong, but Frankie Tory has ridden the 1000 guineas winner of raiden O'Brien a number of years. He's Ryan's been on the wrong one a couple of times. He went to America to join mendelsohn when donor Brian won on Magna graecia, Danica was on board Saxon warrior. How do you split those two and which one would you favor? Yeah, I think you kind of suddenly are quite succinctly there. I think if we're looking purely on what they achieved as two year olds, then little big bear had the better form. He was time for him's top rated two year old last season. His performance in that Phoenix stakes at the courier was absolutely sensational. There's obviously the doubt as to why we didn't see him after that, presumably. And read too much about this. Did he have a setback? He had a setback, yeah, but Aiden was at pains to stress that it wasn't serious. Like his career, it wasn't a blackbeard situation. His career was never in jeopardy. And he said on this show that it was actually a blessing in disguise because he'd had a pretty hard campaign up till then. And they would have kept going with him. He was capable of continuing to raise. But that the break would actually probably do him some good. Yeah, I think he'll be fresh like you say, well, he worked. For fitness. And it must have been a difficult decision for him without a doubt. For me, if you choosing between the two from a betting point of view, then you have to side with little big bear at the prices because he's got the best form. We think he'll probably stay. And August wrote and maybe is

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