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Rachel go let you my perry said by the sized hail say fifty pence he in july says they do let's as if he got any of this we'd freaky a snow storm kind of weather because is very very odd the middle of july two a shower showery rain will slightly clear from the east side of the k tending giant said that more showers will need into western areas later are real change in weather and will start to feel fresh purdue chided both me and that special guest this morning allen so the 'cause i'm wearing black suede boots he's wearing berry fetching pink sway broke all rain fabulous case not very practical in the rain of tweets you to pitch of them at pull will reach retesia patrol radio as well i didn't stay with us we hope you autry writers by the trump are eight o'clock news headlines and the showbiz knows it shut radio and seven fifty paul ross full sutton breakfasts onslaught we'll take your calls this morning on that big report being published by the bbc boulia into discussion will generally about the bbc and they gain something in the region three point four billion pounds annually from us as licenceholders that's how they're funded are you happy to ask you this morning with the way you opec license fee is spent one in four of you all seventy six percent on large establish on the mound this really of eddie bristol kony andy cole nomo send you haven't got a tv show no i've been federal for about eight years and you mr overseen a jewish on the computer or something juleps any other wall no i i do have a book from icon scream okay so you're watching what you what you say channel four and sculpture cultivation youtube cool yup i can walk the baby so i want to but i won because they're not on current too long so if you don't want you and what did you might that decision to get rid of the tally eight years ago was behind that would have been killed most loaded ropy i think it is wholly let's previous why arm seven thirty a most valuable on television your point after you were a little bit colder shopping laura american import lowbudget films low budget the remarks of all.

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