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Want to tell everyone what they're gonna read. Yes so basically you are going to get a little e book that gives you an idea of all the different vegetables that you can eat and some and some modalities that you can you can partake in. That will help you with with anti-aging in so kind of breaks down the vitamins and nutrients that you get in every one of these vegetables and everyone these foods were and why it's important for you to have it in especially. Yeah so they're all it explains. Why and explains the antioxidants in them. And why you won't have avocado while you want have all means in wi a little bit of dark chocolate. It's great for you so it'll tell you why we love you so much there. It is the avocado dark chocolate almonds. Doesn't so he's look at these things you know and go. Where did you think. Eating healthy didn't taste good. Come on no one's telling you you're going to be living on sprouts over here. I mean and eating how these not only doesn't it tastes good but it's also fine. you know. Think about the things you can make with almonds in dark chocolate. you know. think about all the things. It's the It's we have a dark chocolate almond bark. That is with no sugar in the dark chocolate avocado. It's incredible with no sugar. Like there's incredible stuff like you just you just. It's just so easy nowadays so anyway. Thank you so much for giving us more justification for for y eight or nine non-surgical vegetables and really looking at a new way to look at how to go after diet. I want to remind everyone to go to. Jj virgin dot com slash serena to grab the e book and be able to learn more about serena So we'll put all that information. There and serena thank you so much i will tell you. I have this altar on my on my bureau in my bedroom. That is all of your cool stuff. So you're an altar for meditation and everything else. Mine is all the stuff that you gave me. So i just want to again for that at the end. Thank you so much for so creative in magical with your with what you put together. She has some. this thing called. Serena loves right where you said. It's all this beautiful stuff these crystals. it's just. It's just awesome so i so appreciate you thank you so much. We'll give so much. I'm your so welcome and i just. I'm so grateful for you. Julie in everything that you do for all of us you know that you do for the world and so i'm just grateful for you. Thank you so much. Appreciate you all right. I know that you probably guessed how excited i was that. All roads lead back to phnom searching vegetables. And now you have yet another reason for why you wanna be eating from the rainbow nali. Does it help. Your physical body also helps your energy and i've been doing a lot of work with meditation and working with that. Dr joe dispenses work. So i'm excited to figure out how to help. Some of these plop shoppers. Turn it. That can be a challenge so hope you enjoyed this one as much as i did. If you've not subscribed subscribed to jj and i'll see next time bye..

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