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I'm spinney willing over here it's the coffee thank god for this coffee is pushing medium spiny wheel spinning beach wrong sydney team sir thomas every show up number abuse i go the wind g o f day ago these put down a firebomb the p g k l new silent so tom is like well i'm really going to get lane i'm gonna show area on how much i'm caressing her soul like you should have warned may be brother i don't know like a really tight shirt but instead he wore a tshirt that says member led mom and the barn a a sweet as a lesbian lover but yes i how to get late yeah the only thing worse would have been if you'd warner tasmanian devil tshirt so i would have been much more heterosexual actually i given give in another chance it would have been very very heterosexual that's true so odd tom start selling germany about the sex jet he's having with germany's sister which normally be awkward but you're missing totally unfazed he's just like man yau who cares um it's more awkward that she doesn't feel the need to talk about it he's like well with snowmageddon may like i don't know what to do like i can't even make led my own girlfriend it's like uh but look leader like death aren't it may not much dry okay this is why the sell out man but then tom says something that i don't think is quite right he's like dude like on may only jackson bernie thing leg if we went on a year without section i had sex with someone else leg on wall lake will could you blame me i mean we haven't had sex in a in a year mic that's not right tom.

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