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That's in Ventura. County California for all of people who think that California's nothing, but but but liberals and beaches and we'd smokers there you go. Yeah it's not. Racists here to. Their their racists everywhere. Every everywhere! There are racist all right. Let's have a little bit of good news. Shall we just a little bit I? I've had too much nonsense. Albert, holes the machine, the hall of Famer to be. From from from my Anaheim, angels Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, sorry. he is filling the gaps that the angels left when they decided to furlough. Many of their employees see pools paying one hundred eighty thousand dollars out of his own pocket support furloughed angels employees in the Dominican Republic for five months. The angels have a complex in the Dominican. Republican, the media guide lists to coordinators of Latin American operations there also nine staff members assigned to the Dominican summer, League team. The Media Guide Lists Four Scouts in one administrator as part of their Dominican operation. It's unclear exactly how many angels employees are going to get money from Albert Poodles He is in the Ninth Year of a ten year two hundred and forty million dollar contract. He was born in the Dominican although we went to high school in the Kansas, City area angels furloughed employees throughout the organization, citing financial issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, and what is now at least a three month delay to the start of the season. Many of the load employees were worked in scouting and player. Player development departments that were particularly vulnerable, because the pandemic put a stop to all amateur and Minor League Baseball. The angels did opt against furloughing nine of their top scouts after Major, League Baseball lifted its ban on in-person scouting this week. They established a one million dollar employee assistance fund aid. The affected employees furloughed. Employees also maintain all of their benefits by the way so I know. Our pool halls has plenty of money and for him. One hundred eighty thousand dollars isn't really a big deal. But I just thought it was really nice. It was and I don't go Albert Yeah. I just wanted to highlight something nice. Something Nice because it needs to be our. Hold on, we'll get to you in a second Robert Lee Not Robert Ely. Not that guy that guys a Dick. And a loser. He's a loser. I don't know why I want that voice, but he's a loser. He never amount to anything. He couldn't win on his home ground. Anyway so some good news, some good news for everybody. Remind everyone again. If you tuned in in the middle of the show, you can help support podcast by doing Amazon shopping by clicking the shop Amazon link at the top of W.. T H POD DOT COM helps support the show, and it doesn't cost you anything extra, and we do appreciate when you do that. If you're watching us on facebook, live or youtube or a video presentation and And you're like. Hey, I like this. I'd like to just have the podcast in my ears..

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