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Our community there's a broken down truck on southbound seventy one three and five for police are in behind north bound seventy one Wesleyan fifteen minutes out of downtown to two seventy five above blue ash chucking removes radio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by H. and R. block has a lot going on right now and more than ever people need their tax refund that's why H. and R. block is open with many ways to do your taxes as safely as possible you can drop off work with a tax pro remotely or file online black is always here to help the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center during this challenging time advanced dentistry would like to say thank you to all the health care workers and folks on the front lines out there you are appreciated China today a high of sixty seven fair skies tonight low forty five sunshine tomorrow with a high in the sixties and there's a slight chance for rain on Sunday is forty four degrees right now this news is a service of Mexico plumbing and but Herbert motors hard to find anyone in America whose lives have not been impacted by the corona virus outbreak this is Jim Ryan Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer sums it up for many of us this is a challenge unlike anything we've ever faced before a new ABC news Ipsos poll reveals that nine in ten Americans have had their daily lives disrupted by covert nineteen and that fewer than half think they'll return to their regular routines by June first eighty nine percent of us now worry that we or someone we know will be infected with the virus up from seventy nine percent last month that same poll finds a majority of Americans now disapprove of how president trump's handling the crisis new numbers come from the labor department today on the toll covert nineteen is taken on the economy jobless report for March.

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