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Hilton healthy and Andrew luck are healthy amazing production. He's just not. He doesn't stay healthy. Well, that's and that's a real concern. But this is the beginning of the season, Devin funchess is there now he worried about that. I. I just like t y Hilton. It's really, it's really nothing more crazy than that. He's just a guy that Andrew luck loves you know that Frank right offense. It seems like there's just going to be a lot of opportunities for them. I know I know he's been plagued by injuries, but last year off the top of your head. What do you think he did perceptions was? Eighty seven seventy six okay, six touch dance. And that was in fourteen games. I think even in fourteen fifteen games, I get him having slightly better numbers. One of the things that the guys at the fantasy prose talk about a lot is like, basically like percentage of your games where you scored as a wide receiver one or wide receiver to or whatever and see why Hilton in sixty four point three percent of his games has posted wide receiver to or better numbers. That means he's a top twenty four player that week I really liked. He y Hilton t y Hilton is someone that in the in the eight to twelve range, I'm definitely targeting in best ball on. Probably ranking him around here in best ball even because of that boomer bust, but for this for what we're doing. I left them off my top ten. Wow. Just because I feel like there's a long there, what the fuck Jack Doyle and abra n- tight end and we know how much look likes the tight end you sprinkle in some night. He nah. Nah him Hines and, and who knows. I mean, I'm not a big fan of Devon punches. But he, he might get the ball luck likes throwing the larger targets me that all being said, t y Hilton will certainly have a handful of games this year where he scores two touchdowns. Seven seven sounds right to me. But you could make the case for I think is his floor is probably twelve or thirteen for me. So I would say he's probably like eleven for me. Okay. Who's yourself? This missed the cut my seven Ono Beckham junior. Wow. Come on. Right. You know, I almost left them off. But, but. Should I leave him off and just bump TY? No. Listen, it now, state shirt, you're less ride hype. Why does he deserve the seven spot? Or why don't you have them higher because you gave me shit for Kyle Rudolph. My ranking of route off, but defend this number seven ranking of Odell Beckham. So Beckham has been on teams where he has been the clear the clear volume guy on the offense..

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