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Reynoso kelly and also see that luis perdomo try to throw his glove hat knowing aaron auto and just totally missed him or not a little jump jump dodge than kind of winter ran right after chased him around the field it was pretty good pretty funny there was some blows we everybody wants to stay healthy you don't wanna break break anybody's hand or clete somebody in the pile but it's interesting seeing that we had to pretty decent brawls on the same day all right we went over the games this weekend how that it's pitching matchups that i like to see nothing really going on till sunday we do have a good nice interesting little sunday night baseball matchup with cologne going against erlanger i rangers versus astros in houston so be sure to watch that if you that's going to be nationally televised game on espn all right so until monday everybody enjoy their weekend this is the gmc baseball podcast i'm tom doherty and until i see you on monday everybody enjoy their baseball and have a good one listening to the golden state media concepts baseball podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network you can find this show and others like it at www dot g m z podcast dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type it jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music sports entertainment and even weird news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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