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I can play a superhero. I can play troll. I can play a million things. There's no limit on. Because of what. I look like what i can play so even at night. The gaining world is just such a bigger actors. Have such a bigger pallet to play with because they play characters that they wouldn't in their wildest dreams play on screen. Let me ask you to. Could i know you have Twenty thirteen you're in a game called time. Tremors you played mr vincent There also was a tv series. And you played Mr vincent in that as well. I feel like you don't see that a lot when there's adaptations from games to Film and tv The voice actors. You know then getting to play in real life as well. What was that experience like. How aggo for you one of my first gig out of feeder school. That was very very old. Project was a tv series. That was basically for kids pretty much that was all time travel and they had created an app. That was a game That went along with the tv series. So that as the as the kids were watching the Tv show there was moen's within the show that were interactive that they would ask you to your act at a precise At your app at a precise moment and there was things you could plan on your game that would affect things. It happened on the screen and So it was sort of an interactive game that was created in partnership with the tv show. I think yeah. I think we're we're starting to see more or stuff like that. Know how interactive stuff and how how we can kind of use apps and games to to connect with tv shows so S i gotta ask. I got i gotta get the real insider information. I think the two versions of hawkeye. That i think most people are familiar with right. Now would be yours. And jeremy renner's from the movies. If those two hawkeyes the multi-diverse met which hawkeye's walking out of there the winner. I.

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