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They they are they are it's like global warming only in this case they're they're not they're they're not worshiping anything they're just they're fighting the devil they think the and the devil is donald j trump i mean they're they've lost their minds literally they they they think off that trump is the root of all evil and that they lived in this paradise until january twentieth two thousand seventeen or maybe november ninth twenty seven twenty sixteen but they they they they think that they that they they've been expelled from the garden of eden like adam and eve what ben they didn't commit the original sin they didn't eat the apple they they wonder what happened thanks for the call g nancy you're next with howie carr go ahead nancy hey how we the democrats are going down i love it and i like jeff sessions i think he's a man of integrity and he's he follows the law not like you know the democrats is a fake and phony i wanted a woman but not that woman you know i know we're going to talk about the kennedy name taking it off airport schools he used women and girls when he was president so let's do that that's a that's a good point nancy what about the movement i mean what about what happened the marilyn monroe we still don't know what happened to her right to how he took around and shared with her yeah i actually mentioned her in the in the intro that i wrote to to chappaquiddick she's the she's the was is he he wanted her to take care of ted ted kennedy his brother the last time he was in boston where is it here what's her name her name is mimi alford mimi alford that's she read she did she wrote a book at it's again i mentioned that here in in this in this intro to chappaquiddick which is now for sale thanks for the call nancy i tell you i'm loving all the female callers today is so refreshing more women should be calling in at all times keep it.

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