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Eric Berman reports from the state house, and what Andre Carson says about the incomes of men and women all that and more coming up from the plumbing and heating paramedic studios after FOX News Radio. You're listening to ninety three WIBC WIBC HD one Indianapolis at five o'clock. Congress has a lot of questions about grounded Boeing jets on the Grady Fosse's has to recent crashes remain under investigation the original approval of those planes is under scrutiny. Fox's Jared Halpern. Live on Capitol Hill, a one question the acting head of the FAA is trying to explain his why Boeing needed only in a mended certification for it's seven thirty seven max aircraft and upgraded generation of earlier seven thirty seven models. The criteria is examined as to whether there's a fundamental difference in the thrust weight flight characteristics of the applicant Daniel L, well says the 737 max instead featured what he called new modern complexities that amended certification process is now under audit by the treasury depart by the transportation department's inspector General G told the Senate panel that review could take several months. Lisa meantime, Jared transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, also getting questions about FAA oversight at a separate hearing. Earlier today. I am of course, concerned about any allegations of coziness with any company manufacturer, she calls the FAA professional, but suggests oversight changes are needed the nation's highest military honor just awarded posthumously to army staff sergeant Travis Atkins who threw himself on a suicide bomber in Iraq in two thousand seven he did not hesitate. He rose to the highest calling. He laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors Atkinson who was eleven at the time accepting the award at the White House ceremony with some of his father's fellow soldiers. Looking all over for his men, everything you have said to me over the last few days has meant the world to me, and it changes my life. Every every day just getting word that the Trump administration's approval of a plan in Kentucky and Arkansas to impose work requirements on Medicaid.

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