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His first and second down runs were 6 and a half percent below league average and success rate. So what is Adrian Peterson going to do? If Derrick Henry wasn't overly successful in that role either. But what you got from those carries was basically a defense that would wear down late. A defense that was forced to respect Henry and it would open things up in the past game for Ryan Tannehill off play action. Immediately what I saw Sunday Night is linebackers, not biting down as hard on run place. And Tannehill's play action rate was actually 10% higher than a season long average. But he had a 79 passer rating on those throws. So we had been calling for like, hey, we need more play action from Tannehill. Let's get back to the 2020 version of this offense. It increased 10% and yet the efficiency dwindled. Because you had linebackers again that weren't really respecting the run. Overall, Tennessee had the lowest completed air yards of week 9, and it was one of those rare times when you put it in context where Julio Jones practice all week, AJ Brown didn't carry an injury designation to start the week. I know he's a DNP on Friday, but that was for some other things, not health related. So you just wonder if Todd downing is going to open things up more or if he just says, hey, our defense is playing great. We've won four in a row. We signed a major informant for a reason and you know, we got two starting alignment back at practice this week. This is going to be our offense and we ain't changing. If that's the case, this game is going to stay under. But if the Titans decide to open it up and throw the ball and put mcnichols on the field and design matchups for AJ Brown and Julio Jones to pick on the saint's third round corner, Paulson adipo. Then the game can change a little bit, you know? Letting Jenkins go left this same secondary a little bit vulnerable, opposite Lattimore. The Bradley Roby trade has not gone as planned yet, we'll see. So Paulson adibo is basically thrown into the fire as a third round rookie. Getting burned a little bit. He's allowed four touchdowns on 42 targets, giving up almost 16 yards of reception. And when receivers are catching it on them, he's not tackling very well. 19% missed tackle rate. Julio and browder are obviously some big dudes. Not shocking Tod. You know where debo went to school? On the West Coast, and you're going to take shots. And it elite academic institution like always around here. Such disparaging remarks for the Harvard of the west doesn't necessarily bode well to be a physical tackler if you play corner in the PAC 12, I guess. But that's what you're looking at here. It's like early on, you might see the Titans decide to be the Titan, and we're just going to try to establish the ground game. We'll see if that works. But I think if you're looking to win this game, eventually at some point, you're going to have to open it up a little bit. And you're going to have to attack a depot, and you're going to have to hopefully design things to get AJ Brown paired up on that side of the field and away from Marshawn Lattimore. You're going to have to hope that Julio Jones who's trending a little bit healthier. It's going to have to dominate that matchup. So those are really the key here. Obviously, you know, we're looking at this game. It's come off the three. Even the open at three is quite talented. Yeah, I mean, you talked about some of the issues that have plagued the saints. We know how good they are against the run, but the numbers don't lie as far as they're susceptibility to big plays. They have allowed 5 completions of 50 plus through the air this season, they're tied for 28th in the league in completions of 25 plus yards against them tied for 20th. They've given up 32 completions of 20 plus yards. And that's all you read from some of the saints beat writers last week about how they were completely confused and befuddled in past coverage allowing Matt Ryan to throw for 340 plus yards and generate a quarterback rating of one 36. Now, on the other side of the ball paint, I think the Titans defense has been a pleasant surprise. I mean, last week against the rams, they not only score touchdown themselves. They set up a two yard touchdown drive. They've been able to get after opposing quarterbacks, 23 sacks already on the young season, considering they only generated 19 last year, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. You're getting Jeffrey Simmons, a one man wrecking crew accounted for three sacks on his own. Harold Landry becoming an unsung star him TJ watt and miles Garrett are kind of in that elite pass rushing class, so to speak right now, his 18 quarterback hits put him top 5 in the league and his 35 pressures behind only miles Garrett, in comes the saints offense that we know is extremely limited at the receiver position. I mean, they're wide outs of cost caught. My God, I'm struggling. Have caught fewer balls as a collective group this season than Cooper Cup and tyreek hill alone. If you're Sean Payton and you're drawing up an offensive game plan, how are you going about attacking this Tennessee defense? You did call Harold Landry by the right name. You weren't the guy on draft night who called them honor Landry. So you have that going. I mean, it's a small win right now is I stumble over my words deep, deep into the week. We'll see how many times I have to repeat myself. It's foggy. I did the same thing. I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep last night and then I just laid in bed and then I did the stupid thing and didn't wake up right away and hit the snooze twice, and it's just an absolute fog upstairs this morning. When I look at the saint's offense, the Trevor Simeon thing with Sean Payton pulling the strings might not be bad. And you go back and look last week, Simeon's completion percentage 1% above expectation, not bad. Only one turnover worthy throw. When the offensive line kept them clean, 83%.

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