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You're gonna make new friends you're going to hang out with me and early to rise team. You're gonna meet bedrose going to be my friend. Toronto Zander fryer. So Sharana Zander are teaching. The second power skill which is sales persuasion, for the new economy sales persuasion, for the new economy. This one is going to be very, very important for you. And here's why. Let's face it, the world has changed dramatically in the twelve plus years since Facebook and YouTube, you know, quote unquote, took over the internet and the authoritarian blustery sales approach of the seventies and eighties. No longer work today. All right. It's not like the top down approach like being a boss being a boss doesn't work today. Today, you have to be a leader bosses top-down telling people what to do a leader is in, in the situation mucking up with their team and leading them through it, and that's why we have Sharon Zander. So Sharon came from India on a tennis scholarship, like Badri. He dumpster, dived, four food, and college. I mean he went through and pulled all the stops he eventually worked for Goldman Sachs, that's where you learn how to sell then he took a real estate company tell us properties from three hundred fifty million dollars in sales to three point five billion in five years, literal ten x and now he's starting another company does. He's going to hundred x. And this guy has diversity. He's indian. He's absolutely amazing these different countries different background, and he loves American. He wants to help you and then Zander fryer. His parents are Pakistan, and Irish and he is a millennial. He's thirty years old. He's one of the best sales people have ever met because he doesn't sell it selling without selling. They're both professional sales whispers, and you're going to hear from them. They're going to bring unique and diverse approaches to sales training. They're gonna put more money in your pocket. More value in the lives of your.

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