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Email me show at Grayson peace radio DOT COM and. I've actually been able to use some things that people have shared recently for episodes. So that's exciting that that's about it. God bless you. Thank you so much for joining me. A look forward to serving you with great content for another twenty episodes and Lord willing another two hundred episodes. We'll see thanks so much here now. Please enjoy pastor Simon Peter Kumbo. This opportunity to once again should everyone who is hyun to have through activity radio and I want to say our listeners. That wherever you are just get close to Your Radio. Gentlemen. I'm not only just addressing. People are not addressing a only addressing percents only an either a people but I'm addressing everybody wherever you are even at this woman As we the what of God today I wanted to share we to one important thing and that is The journey of victory. You know when you get the book and get into the threat and beginning from vast ten. I'm going to remind you and with you. Something very very clear eyed will be able to help you and me but before that I allow me to pray and then Our everyday for the world. Thank you for the better special after noon. That you've created and you're given to us thank you for the sharing of the Water. God even as he goes in the book of Ezra And how he led the people into victory into entering to the place where God from list for them as he let people from captivity bucks to where was supposed to be. Lord he's me guidance and wisdom. I share through this. What God they jenny. Victory even in the time of love down. I know we are heading to Victory Jeff in a while. We are very sure that you're going to lead us through. We thank you. Lord enabled us in Jesus name. I pray amen an amen. I want to read at least one two. Oh about seven buses. Then I'll expensive. It's small and then food. Finish it in the seven and bus one. This is the journey to victory now. After these in the reign of Texas King of Prussia. The son of the riot is an over. Air San Hill if Kaya son of shallow Some of sock and I he pooped them of Maria son of area son of Marriott son of I mean you could see some of son of of land by six. These went out from Babylon Wen. He was ascribed killed in the low. Osmosis that the Lord the God of Israel had given and the king granted him all that he added asking for the hand the Lord. He's got was on him. Let me go to Boston because of time. So Ezra had said he's hat to study the alot of the Lord and to do it and to his statutes and their rooms in Israel. Let's gentleman I just want to remind you that Jenny two victories. That's with the reading of the law with the leading of the script. Jobs if you want to succeed in this life in ministry in your family in your in your job in your business I want to ask you to come back to the what of God. That's the law the law because Ezra here said he's had I don't know where you're you're had these times you know we we time look down and this very time set. Hatton study the scripture to lead the word of God Redo. I got your family. Turn to get organized. And you'll see I- Jenny individual maybe you are living under defeat. You're thinking I think I need to have the myself I need to die. Can you say one thing the reading of Scripture and as described the Jews are going to be reveal apponator family? I'm putting your life so my friends. It was one of the fast men three that the people from the lockdown companies do I in Babylonia and now it was time for them to come out of the we can pull it in time in quarantine for ticketing yes. The people is Ryan where there for many years. It was now time. That's why didn't but it's time is the best time the accurate friends as you. Listen to the radio today to us today. I wanted to tell you unique. Because God's about something you're going to come out and you're going to come out. You need to come out when you're fully equipped. I know faster been missing speaking congregation people and now you are the at home you. Are you wondering what is happening? My friend. Time is coming out of the lockdown. But out of the lockdown would. I'm coming with I mean. Ezra was doing the progress of lockdown of seven-day. Yes in my. He wasn't David was there was nothing might be done. But this man has had said is the law of the Lord so many people who are really about about the down. What does the law? What does the laws about this? We are very how about. What does the new say about this but I wanNA tell you? This is the right time we should not begin. Judging the government you not be judging the police for arresting for timing you for putting into prison. It's time for you to go and seek God's got seen about these scenes of the Lord win like this. You are supposed to repay your hat about not supposed to start about this and also things coming tomorrow. Why do you do that? You know kind. He's to set your hat thankfully set for the Jenny. Dot is going on. We're going to spend a long Japanese asked that nineteen we're going to have victory. We are going to. I'm sure all people that we are coming back from that bullet how are you? How have you been managing your life? Have you been reading the Bible studying stricture? That is my I communication to you my friends so I want to replace you. You are had because eighty stem at this time coming. When you are going to speak the people's coming out pastor and in a business you have to excel in whatever you're doing at zagging these and I did. God is going to mean that I have been studying scripture. Been Reading the Bible muting oldest process so back to your Bible before. The lockdown is uplifted. My friends that is the message I had for today and I want you to get back to you too. I mean get back to your life. Kick your life again. How you are at the moment during this process of lockdown down nineteen has been there and people have been grumbling struggling fighting and communications. And I want to tell you time to grumble about that to say we do have foods now. We don't have the icy tumbling. I get colds all over and these but Ortega you it is time for you to sit your heart and be paid your hat. Who the Lord and present a concrete misery to the people of had a message of hope. And where did you get the message of the watch of God friends? The weather got is leading an active. If you do anything and now when when you look at Psalms one nineteen and last one device it savings mine hat that I seen again. This is Dan just our prevent you. That's power keep you to take you through and you not. Some people are grumbling one time in Buca phoebe and kept the kin. You know poses and my God just apply all according to Regis in Glory. His own minute. According decently just employ so my friends. I want you kindly to you to get back to get back to. Jesus Christ maybe have no hope I wanted to tell you this is number one. You have to believe in Jesus Christ number to be the God and put it in your but pay your. You see the one of those of you have been. I trust in God during this season. I wonder request you. Just you open your hats. And she's the lot and you you are going to be sexist. Finish your time your friends. I want to you that you give Christ your life you'd be paying your life and let's cry cry drain you so that you can savvy as long as you have decided. Come let me be but I have decided to stop the large even describe lack of food. I maybe STRANA vice latest prepare our do I have the lodge and to believe in him. I WanNa thank you so much and I wanted to wish you a very nice time. That a nice day and Hopefully Saturday again. When will meet share the? What of this showtime I've given you just briefly on Saturday will be back sharing with you. Their friends get into capture radio. And My name is Peter. King Boy The pastor of Gristle bucky stretch and I wanted to wish you lexus in the struggle against coveting. I didn't I know the battle is getting finish soon. And we are trusting God who east on our side I want to. I want to pray and then we'll be done the one. Thank you for this message. That reminded us a of victory of victory. Starts by that you? Will we hide in your heart and as as had that is any state I must study. H The lull. That's good thank you lord that you're able to guide us to believe in your what I know. There are so many theories that so many stories about your what is the Blam light. Is that accurate data. I trust you because of had these that you're going to fight for Uganda. You're going to fight for Africa. You're going to fight for the have you come out victoriously and.

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