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Forward Zacks freed within a three to push all the way to swing on a ground ball to short to big hops once it has its shoulder high bounces the first little bit below all the three even with the long reach reveals it is welcome to the we'll bring up Vanderburgh cuts into started the thrills showed today let's of course you count the parachute well that was August parachute jumps up was pretty thrilling the opposite is but as far as the game goes yes as with cuts and takes download led off the game with a home run those guys are shooting in something the swing with one guy looked like he was about to hit the foul pole in left field and then just come and then almost like a nose dive in and levels out and just it's a great landing the impressive one one I need over the shoe tops in the country I would sometimes have had to pursue that but the landing was never all that is moved quite that much of a the wind up of the.

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