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Of open penance in sheets in churches and teams are often put to rebuke. How as this is counted with some either as no punishment at all to speak of orbit little regarded of the offenders i would with adultery and fornication to have some shop law for what great smart is it to be turned out of hot sheet into a cold or after a little washing in the water to be let loose again onto that former trades. How the dragging of some of them over the thames between lambeth and westminster at the tail of a boat is punishment that most tariff lethem which are condemn that too but this is inflicted upon them by none other than the night marshall and that within the compass of his jurisdiction and limits only. Can you test was the first that gave authority to the clergy to punish holdem. Who at that time found fault with the former laws as being too severe in this behalf before the time of the said can you test the adulterer forfeited all his goods to the king and his body to be at his pleasure and the adultress was to lose her eyes or nose or both the case. Where more than common whereby. It appears of what estimation marriage was amongst them since the break is of that holiest state was grievously rewarded but afterward the clergy dealt more favorably with them. Shooting rather at the punishments of such. Priests and clark's married than the reformation of adultery and fornication wherein you shall find no example that any severity was showed except upon such layman as had defiled their nuns as in theft therefore so in adultery and horsham. I would wish the party's trespassing to be made. Bundle saves onto those that received the injury to sell and gave where they listed ought to be condemned to the galleys for that punishment would prove more bitter to them than half an hour's hanging or than standing in a sheet though the weather be never say called manslaughter. In time past was punishment by the pass wherein the quantity or quality of the punishment was rated after the state and calling of the party killed so that one was valued sometime at twelve hundred another at six hundred or two hundred shillings and by a statute made under henry. The first a citizen of london at one hundred where've elsewhere. I have spoken more at large such as kill themselves..

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