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Man. I did watch that last caller tack and find who defied on espn espn. I think that was his last night. Right yeah oh. Who was it when i'd have to look at Pretty good though too. It was against lower level competition. Obviously i wouldn't be surprised if this goes to distance. Only because joe. Joyce doesn't really have one punch quit power and have a tremendous chin and cardio so go ahead. I'm sorry. I guess what's going to happen. Was that joe. Joyce is going to knock him out in the seventh round with a hammerfest. Jeb is the most unorthodox janet because because when that thing comes out he punches down with it and he gets so much leverage on that thing and he's got lunchboxes for hands. This lunchbox did anyone ever tell you. You look just like joe joyce yes couple. People antiroom sponge. They say you look just like. I was cracking up one day on the show. I said i said that. I kept calling like a joe joyce nesta gives and everyone was like on the floor laughing. I think i obviously have gotten since moving to florida as like brothers man. You look like spitting image. Oh what's this the juggernaut baby from the x. Men yes or he came into the room with the album the jay. He's got the judge often does he. Plays music. hasn't started yet. It hasn't started okay. Oh wow he's got the whole thing he's got so we will have to try to sync up man on the on the round clock so that we're all at least watching it at the same time so you know if anyone's ahead we'll just pause and then that's always tricky. It's always tricky. What want the you want. The odds his yes. Yes joe joyce minus one thousand. God kalos calmed six fifty. Wow they have oh no faith in tack them now. This jacker not helmet looks ridiculous. That does not look like it. I like it now and that don't look marvel man that's crazy. Put your own spin on it. You gotta put your own spin on it. Looks like man like a pumpkin head. Doesn't it's not what it's not juergen for marvel comics. I'll tell you that and tell you that right now but hey at least he tried and that's part of it manage the thought that counts when it comes to these things you know. You gotta try to win the crowd over somehow. My friend took the under. I gotta find out the message he sent me with the old rhonda. Odds are so i can. I can figure out. I pay off here. Okay let me see what. Edet hammerfest jab fucked up. That's for damn sure. Zor me see if i could drop links in this chat. On fatty we gotta check decide. Yeah i didn't even think of that. My definitely chatting to so i can. They probably payoff banyu right. If you drop in lincoln there let me see Hammerfest jab fucked up do blah. That's i don't know we'll see sorry for interference thank you think. What do you think of his trainer. So let me actually right now Who's trainer to zora. I mean he's all over the mayweather. Jim zora and that's tacoma's trainer my fault be. Oh who's trainer..

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