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Of Mr In presents fifty years. The Voice of Nascar. Check it out on M. R. N. DOT COM coming up. We'll wrap things up with a preview of the sixty second Daytona five hundred. This is fifty years of live from Daytona Veto Florida. The nineteen Ninety-three Cup series season had more than its fair share of twists and turns checkered flags waving a look in my mirror. And here's earn. How right on my tail? And he goes down low the past week and I said No. You don't swallow spent Watson's Argos stories that you've never heard before in a ten part series called the nineteen ninety-three season and baby was behind me and came up corner and there's as a gas standing in the middle of the race car. You can download it for free on ITUNES and at Mr Dot Com right now. What are you spread costs? That's what we talk about on wing nation presented by Hercules tired. I'm Steve Post Joint. Aaron Everett Hammond Tuesdays at noon eastern time as we talked with race winners and newsmakers from dirt tracks across America the world of outlaws to your local track. We covered the greatest show on live Tuesday on facebook live or wing nation dot com. Catch Park Tuesday and Thursday podcast gas. On Youtube or your favorite podcast provider wing nation your home per Williamsburg car talk. The labs are winding down on this special edition of Nascar live fifty years of M. R. N.. But the week is just beginning. And the voices of NASCAR while strap on their microphones. This Sunday for the.

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