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Exactly. The Jim crow version of left-handed hygienists, shoplift Aurium and stay with drain type warning dentist. Left-hand are they're left handed. I'm sure I'm sure there's less left-handed assistance. But I've never heard of that being a problem now that's only left-handed clinicians. It's a serious problem. Yeah. I'm surprised. They graduated dental school just because you would have thought we would have weeded them out. So they could go where they're supposed to be like relief pitchers. That's what you're supposed to do. That's right. You're relief pitcher. That's it. That is it James paxton's James Paxton, former Mariner's starting pitcher lefty, but but be a pitcher. That's it. That's you're supposed to be is a lefty. The only thing Quebec's aren't lefty. There's only one Lieutenant quarterback in the hall of fame. You know, who it is Steve Young? I need you know, I need because the BYU thing I need. Yes. Steve Young only left-hand quarterback in the hall of fame, obviously. But you get pitchers. Jim's arms. Really good too. Was he left? He he was not in the hall of fame though. No, he's in my hall of fame. Several in spank Bank. Call. Scare Seattle Seahawks players elevate. Efren Herrera was the best kicker ever. Nice kurt. Kurt Warner the running back on her. Remember that guy? That's right. That's right. I swing large it doesn't count. He was like a Senator or something. Like everybody knows Steve barks, I'm trying to think of of an obscure Seahawks wide receiver besides Steve large, and it's hard to find. I am bleeds who Brian blades. I think he died of like brain trauma. See to know, those Bennie blades, his brother. Okay. I didn't kill someone and they got off. Yeah. Those Bennie blades. Yeah. Tough luck. Tough luck for my guys the plates. Let manager nobly left-handers with ten NBA player you'll be spending. So that's okay. Argentina same thing. Pretty much. Yeah. Same side of the ocean. So if if this were you and something was wrong with the nomad. Would you call the tip agency? And like see what you could get. Or would you just bend over at fish? I would fish with them. And for sure what's so in this kind of an and just kind of see where they go. Maybe maybe the this has happened before. And they they they have a protocol. Oh, yep. Protocol this has to be a thing. Yeah. Somebody's drop something's broke his censor. Somebody's. Stuck a caveat? Tron a cats butthole or something? There's been a history of stuff that's happened. I guarantee you fast to like shit happens. You always cringe when we have someone like that. Even if it's working everywhere attempt. They it it never ceases to amaze me the stuff that they think that was made sense like at one like rive the this drawer for cold sterile. And it's got a lid on it. And it's almost impossible to to splash. Your is this she ripped it from its hinges to try to drain it to replace them. Like, what are you doing it doing? And she's like, well, this was ridiculous. You should actually I only found out about it. 'cause she came to complain to me how hard it was to get out of the hinges. And I'm like it's supposed to stay. There will how do you change like we'll they're the big old suction too bright year that you suction at all. And then she calmed down a little bit. But when I'm like, yeah. You gotta go like right now. Yeah now. Yeah. But it's launch. Yeah. Just don't come back. I also had a event today. I had to team members had to go dumpster diving. Oh, somebody. Throughway an entire unused syringe of Activa restorative like a big ass ridge of it like one hundred and fifty dollar. Shouts to my pulp folks in Watertown mass. Larry Clark Christie Bailey. Shouts love love the Activa. Okay. So much..

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